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För kunder i behov av exekutiva ledare, chefer & talanger på den högre nivån.


  • We deliver sustainable leaders & executives (SEARCH).
  • Sustainable leaders & executives gives motivated, engaged employees, which gives sustainable development & growth.
  • Sustainable profitable corporates can reinvest as well in business as in Societey (ROI).
  • There is only one way ahead – Sustainability.
  • We will make difference to our customers & stakeholders.

Maslow är grunden för allt hållbart som vi ser det


Sven Hultin

Senior Partner

Integrating sustainability in the entire business model is part of my mission. Organizations that fail to do this will face major challenges very soon. My professional contribution to humanity the rest of my life is to prioritize partners and customers to share this view in actions.

Sustainable organizations come down to engagement and clarity, leveraging the full capability potential of the workforce. When the leadership shows commitment in its rhetoric as well as actions something happens. Look at Eva Karlsson, CEO of Houdini to give an example.

To drive adapted organizational capability, which I do, we need sustainable organizations, sustainable value propositions and sustainable, future proof, wellbeing people with clarity, purpose, autonomy, reslience, engagement, ability and capability.

This agenda should be share across your ecosystem, with your clients and partners, along the entire supply chain, and you should work together for the benefit of all. It is possible.

Look at Swedish www.trustrace.com Sustainable organizations are future proof. Each one of us can clearly see how they, on a daily basis, contribute to build a better world, person per person, for each product sold, for each item purchased, brick by brick that cathedral we call a “more sustainable planet”. My vote will always be on leaders I recommend to formal power that also share this view and have an idea of what to do and will do something about it. Search by search. Candidate by candidate.

I call this the power to promote capable leaders that also care. It is not bias. It is sustainable.

Sven Hultin

Maria Stenström

Senior Partner & Trendpartner Nordic Sustainability Manager

My conviction is that good things are created by good people who contribute to a higher purpose in their daily work in a business that creates long-term value for all stakeholders by integrating sustainability into the entire business model.

Change is necessary but it will not be easier. The importance of change is increasing, are more radical, the pace of change is much faster and the future is much more difficult to predict. In order to remain competitive, established organizations must develop their ability to innovate. Organisations need to be ambidextrous – have the ability to both exploit and explore This requires leadership that focuses on creating a high culture of trust and developing an adaptive system that creates value for its costumers, employees and stakeholders and continuously improves its performance over time.

As a Senior Partner & Trendpartner Nordic Sustainability Manager my mission is to contribute to this change of pursuing sustainable leadership for innovation & renewal with my knowledge and experience of leading change and transformation by developing successful adaptive and resilient teams.

Maria Stenström

Joachim Källsholm

Senior Partner

As a Senior Partner in Nordic Trendpartner I put the highest standards of integrity in all business interactions we create in my relations.

In my area Security it is core there I have a zero- tolerance policy towards any, and all, forms of bribery, corruption, extortion and embezzlement (covering promising, offering, giving or accepting any bribes).

All business dealings should be transparently performed and accurately reflected on participant’s business books and records. Monitoring and enforcement procedures shall be implemented to ensure compliance with You as contracting Trendpartner Nordic , as well as anti-corruption laws there we so agree between parties.

Business, commercial and financial information regarding tasks-contracts as had been given to us and its commercial partners must be treated as confidential and should not be disclosed outside.

High standards of fair business, advertising and competition are Trendpartner Nordic’s way. Respect for human rights is vital to Trendpartner Nordic and how we conduct our daily business in all areas we cover with focus on recutement. Our core values and strong corporate culture between provade the foundation upon which clients, partners and other stakeholders base their confidence in Trendpartner Nordic and they play an important role in maintaining and promoting long-term sustainability when You use us in your way to complete your Competence bank in every company we sign. We are not biggest but closest and this make different.

Joachim Källsholm