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Marcus Bjärneroth

Senior Partner / PR & Marketing

I am a communicator and a storyteller. My education end past experience has forged me to be a pro-active pr and marketing expert with roots in media, sales and business development. My personal trademark is fast pace together a strong drive to support delivery of projects. Studied media, marketing, sales, procurement and psychology. I am social, active and engaging.

Define objectives and results in both qualitative and quantitative terms. Often focus on target as well as how it will be achieved. Perceived mostly as a person who weighs pros and cons of the target and the time required to achieve it. Prefers achievable goals and with sufficient time and resources to ensure the process. Handles often situations with great determination and confidence. Works best with having influence, and using it. Experienced public speaker and trained both in front of and behind a camera.

Is an result oriented and energetic person who like to have many tasks running simultaneously. Gladly initiates new activities with new angles and new thinking. Often perceived as dynamic and enterprising.

Has good grasp of new ideas and the theory put into practice. Regularly seeking new trends and skill increase int he areas of my profession. Comfortable with balance specific guidelines together with aim/scope for change and renewal.

Since late teens I have from tome to time as a hobby freelanced as writer and photographer/video creator when needed to keep my skills sharp and also understand the ”other side” of the trade as a PR expert.